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SGK Face off part 2

SGK Face off part 2

Benn Smith22 May 2023 - 13:22
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U10's take the trophy again

Part 2 of the parents and coaches tournament took place on Saturday 20/05/23 with the U17's entering a team this time around.

The turnout was brilliant so thank you everybody for your support. Between us we managed to raise somewhere in the region of £350.

The holders of the trophy the U10's started out with a draw and lost their second game 1-0 to the U8's white who were the runners up last time. U8's keeper Steven made the save of the day from a well struck penalty from Joe U10's Player and U15's new coach. I felt your pain Steve. Good job we have a video of the save to prove it.
The U12's with help of some of the vets had a better tournament this time around and tried nicking points from the U10's (Kal).
The U11's had a couple of new players this time around and put on a far better display this time around.
The U8's Green and U9's joint team wearing full Millwall kit were hoping to leave the club with the trophy but that was not to happen instead leaving with their tails between their legs.
The U17's had good pace about them but after drawing the first 4 games had no chance of reaching the final.

So to the final and it was repeat of the last time out with the U10's facing the U8's Whites.
It was a fiercely contested final with Abel putting the goal over the line and Steve contesting the decision. Referee Kal awarded the goal and the U10's take a 1-0 lead.
The game finally ends 1-0 and the U10's still hold the title winners.
And a new title is also given to the U10's sub keeper as Coral was injured. My new title is Clean Sheet Chairman.

Thank you everybody again for your support.


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